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The Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel boosts its culture, by strengthening the loyalty of travelers and creating the ultimate hotel experience. In collaboration with the company Scent Plus, by recording the Brand Personality and exploring the basics of its characteristics, it creates its own 'signature scent', decoding its values and its philosophy, in perfume notes.

Well-being, tranquility, elegance, but also a sense of luxury, are the most basic characteristics of the concept. The feelings and the objective criteria reflected in perfume, is the love of Milos Breeze, both for the island of Milos and for Greece. Citrus fruits, lemon, lavender, honey, cinnamon and tobacco leaves are some of the components of the perfume, which reflect all these characteristics.

A fragrance that belongs to the category of white shades. Sophisticated and romantic. The sea breeze that emerges from the fragrance relaxes and transports visitors.


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best price quarantee

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